ReMEMBER Kate Awards

ReMEMBER Kate Award

For many years, Kate Aurelius worked for Mercy Care in medical management. In April 2011, while working as Deputy Director of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), we lost Kate to breast cancer. Kate was a close friend, ally and advocate to Arizona’s most vulnerable citizens in need of quality health care. Kate was also a strong advocate for integrated behavioral and physical health care. Kate’s life work exemplified the mission and vision of Mercy Care.

In remembrance of Kate, each year Mercy Care’s board of directors recognizes an employee’s outstanding contributions to our members with the Kate Aurelius Award.

2016 - Janet Holtz, DDD Liaison

Janet Holtz

2015 – Chad Corbett, Vice President – Long Term Care

Chad Corbett

2014 – Julie Dyer, Director – Service Operations

Julie Dyer

2013 – Henry Blanco, Mercy Care Care Management

2012 – Jesus (Tommy) Espinoza, Case Management Coordinator

2011 – Madge Nelson