Illness, Injuries & Accidents

What is an emergency?

A true emergency is when you believe a severe injury or illness is threatening your child’s life or may cause permanent harm. In these cases a child needs emergency medical treatment.

Discuss with your child’s pediatrician in advance what you should do in case of a true emergency.

But if there is not a life- or limb-threatening problem, call your doctor first for advice instead of going to the emergency room.

When to call 911

Call 911 if you think the baby’s life is in danger. Do not hang up. Hold for the operator to give you instructions. The operator will ask what is happening and for your address. It is easy to forget your address when you are scared or excited. So, it helps to have your address taped near your phone.

You may feel more confident and calm if you have learned what to do in an emergency. Most hospitals, fire departments, the Red Cross and the American Heart Association have cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other classes.