Well-Child Checkup

You want your child to grow up healthy and happy. So do we. That’s why well-child checkups for children from birth through age 20 are a covered benefit.

Children grow and change quickly. You child should visit a primary care practitioner (PCP) on a regular basis even when he or she is not sick. These visits are called well-child checkups (same as an EPSDT Visit).

During a well-child checkup, your child’s PCP:

  • Does a complete physical exam
  • Checks your child’s growth and nutrition
  • Checks your child’s vision, hearing and teeth
  • Gives shots as needed
  • Orders lab work (for example, a blood test) as needed
  • Gives you and your child information about your child’s health

Your child should get a well-child checkup at each of the following ages: 


2-4 Days



1 month

3 years


12 years

2 months

4 years

13 years

4 - months

5 years

14 years

6  months

6 years

15 years

9 months

7 years

16 years

12  months

8 years

17 years

15 months

9 years

18 years

18  months

10 years

19 years

24 months

11 years

20 years