Why Babies Cry

It can be frustrating when your baby cries, but crying is just the way babies ask for help. He could be hungry, tired, lonely, sick or could have a wet diaper. Crying may also help a tired baby feel better. Listen and you will soon know your baby’s different cries. 

Some babies are “fussy” at the same time every day, often at night. Some babies have colic and cry really hard into the night. The good news is that most babies no longer have colic by 3 months of age.

What to do if your baby keeps crying

If you cannot calm your baby or he is acting strangely, check his temperature. Call his doctor right away if he:

  • Has a fever
  • Is not acting normally
  • Cannot be calmed

If your baby is sick and has a fever, ask to bring your child in that day. If your child gets sick after hours or on a weekend, call the doctor’s office anyway. An answering service will make sure your doctor gets your message. The doctor’s office will call you back to tell you what to do. Be sure your phone accepts all calls. Otherwise, the doctor may not be able to reach you.