Live Well

Your health plan can help you stay well

You have coverage to protect you in case of serious medical issues. It pays for things like doctor visits, surgery and medication. But did you know that your plan also can help you stay healthy?

Mercy Care is here to guide you. Trying to quit smoking? We have tips and programs for you. Looking to eat better or start exercising? We’re here to motivate you. You have access to resources, libraries and tools.


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Know your health care basics

To improve your health, you must first understand your options. You also need to know how your health plan works. Below is a resource that can help you. This glossary of health care terms can improve your “health literacy.”

Learn more about health care terms.

Health literacy refers to your understanding of the health care system. By improving your health literacy, you can make informed decisions about your care. You also can have a better understanding of how your health plan operates.

Health literacy isn’t as simple as you might think. The terms used in health care can be confusing. Health insurance can also be very confusing. We want to help you understand your care. That’s why we try to make it easy for you. We give you materials that can help you understand your options.

How can you start improving your health literacy? You can visit the U.S. Department of Health’s website for health literacy.