Tools & Education

Whether you want to learn more about Mercy Care’s special services, access our health and wellness tools or review the talking points for site visits, these resources will help.


  • For OB/GYN and Family Practice Providers:
    In 2010, the Joint Commission established a new perinatal care core measure set that includes the number of elective deliveries (both vaginal and cesarean) performed at > 37 and < 39 weeks of gestation completed. In order to support hospitals in eliminating non-medically indicated deliveries before 39 weeks, March of Dimes, California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC), and the California Department of Health, Maternal Child and Adolescent Health Division collaborated on the development of a quality improvement toolkit. Please click here for more information and to sign up for the toolkit.
  • Cultural Competency: Health care is complex. Learn how you can help patients understand the care they're receiving.
  • Integrated Care Training Academy: We host a series of integrated care services training to support health care professionals with their continued education.